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Compare Funeral Homes in Ft. Lauderdale

Compare Cremation Services By The Sea to local funeral homes and other cremation places nearby Fort Lauderdale, FL today.  Our low cost cremation services do not compromise on the dignity that you or your loved one deserve during a loss.  We have simplified the way that families make funeral arrangements. Our seamless and paperless process give you, our client family, honest saving and affordable cremation options for a fraction of the cost of a local funeral home.

Cremation Places in Fort Lauderdale

You will find many options for cremation services in fort lauderdale and the broward county area. however, not all cremation companies will provide you with what matters most! professional experience. we offer cremation with care, dignity and absolute professionalism. if that matters to you, our family is here to help.


Cremation Prices in Fort Lauderdale, FL

Cremation Services By The Sea, Ft Lauderdale is dedicated to families, just like yours. We are an alternative choice for direct cremation services in Broward County and Palm Beach County. Compare our cremation prices to funeral homes and other cremation places nearby. Learn why our cremation cost are more affordable and how we can help with your direct cremation questions.

We offer simple cremation arrangements which can be completed online. Our mission is to provide cremation with care and dignity. Learn more about our low cost crematory services. 

During the loss of a loved one, difficult choices will need to be made. Important and legal processes are required of your chosen cremation provider. Therefore, we urge you to understand that there will only be one chance for you to make the right choice of who you will entrust with your loved one. Know that there is a difference between every cremation company! 

We offer decades of cremation specific experience that is established, family owned and above all professional.

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Low Cost Cremation Prices

Compare us to Fort Lauderdale funeral homes and other local cremation places today. We guarantee that low cost cremation prices are more affordable. Remember, there is not dignity in over paying for cremation services.  

Cremation Places Near Me, Fort Lauderdale

Cremation services by the sea is the local choice in fort lauderale, broward county and palm beach county. find funeral homes for cremation and compare our cremation pricing to other cremation places nearby. we offer direct cremation only. we are not a funeral home and you will not pay funeral home prices. our family business is caring and transparent.

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How Much Does Cremation Cost, Ft Lauderdale

direct cremation costs in fort lauderdale and broward county can be very costly. At cremation services by the sea, ft lauderdale, you will find our cremation prices to be reasonable and honest. since we only offer direct cremation services, there is no sales pressure or no up selling. when we say we offer simple cremation prices, we mean it!