Compare Funeral homes in Fort Lauderdale, Cremation Services, and Cremation Costs.

Funeral Homes in Fort Lauderdale, Cremation Services and pricing

Cremation Services By The Sea, is a local leader. We invite families to view our "General Price List", with no obligation and without pressure. Here you will find our cremation costs, outline for your review. Prices may be printed, retained and compared to funeral homes in your local area.

Our firm is family owned, transparent and does not use gimmick pricing. If you or a loved one's wish is for simple cremation, choose a provider that is honest from the start. We understand that you have choices. Select a leader that will stand by your side, offer professional advice, save you and your loved ones from the financial burden of expensive funeral arrangements and customize a package that fits your needs, not the needs of a business. We are here to help and assist families facing an emergency 24 hours a day. Choose a leader and a company that cares.

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